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Recent Projects:


In Berlin’s Mitte district, at Köpenicker Strasse 124, just 100 meters as the crow flies from the Spree, we are building 70 modern apartments and one commercial unit. The three buildings will be laid out parallel to the street, forming a closed ensemble. The “View” building will face toward the front, while the “Center” forms the happy medium, and finally there is the idyllic “Garden.” Apartments available to buy will include practical studios, one to three-bedroom apartments, attractive penthouses, and larger apartments with private gardens that are perfect for families.


The Object At Küstriner Straße 7 – 8 in the Berlin district of Alt-Hohenschönhausen, a beautiful small industrial monument is currently being renovated. After its modernization, the charming, brick- facaded former furniture factory will accommodate 16 large apartments.


In a desirable residential area of Pankow, near the heart of the old village and the castle Schönhausen, 26 modern apartments and five commercial units are currently being constructed: Ossietzky 11 – Living and working between the old village green and the castle park at moderate price points.


The renovation object – a building ensemble of different years of construction – consists of a five-storey front building, a two-storey wing as well as a four-storey garden house. The garden house was erected as residential house as early as 1953, the wing formerly used for commercial purposes was built in 1958 by order of the grocer M.F. Luedicke. The front house was built only in 1874 for the master baker K.H. Luedicke. To this very day the initials “L” on the door of the passage have been reminding of the builder.


Berlin-Mitte Köpenickerstraße 124
Berlin-Mitte Köpenickerstraße 124
Berlin-Mitte Köpenickerstraße 124
Berlin-Mitte Bergstraße 68
Berlin-Mitte Bergstraße 68
Berlin-Mitte Bergstraße 68
Berlin Gleimstraße 17
Berlin Wichertstrasse 57
Berlin Küstrinerstrasse 7
Berlin Ossiezkystrasse 11